Demeter 10

So saying, the goddess changed her size and appearance,

shedding her old age, and she was totally enveloped in beauty.

And a lovely fragrance wafted from her perfumed robes.

The radiance of her immortal complexion

shone forth from the goddess. Her blond hair streamed down her shoulder.

The well-built palace was filled with light, as if from a flash of lightning.

She went out of the palace, and straightaway Metaneira’s knees buckled.

For a long time Metaneira was speechless. She did not even think of

her treasured little boy, to pick him up from the floor.

But his sisters heard his plaintive wailing,

and they quickly ran downstairs from their well-cushioned bedrooms. One of them

picked up the child in her arms, clasping him to her bosom.

Another one rekindled the fire. Still another one rushed, with her delicate feet,

to prop up her mother as she was staggering out of the fragrant room.

They all bunched around the little boy, washing him as he gasped and spluttered.

They all kept hugging him, but his spirit could not be comforted.

He was now being held by nursemaids who were far inferior.

All night they prayed to the illustrious goddess, trembling with fear.


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