Demeter 12

First, he sent Iris, with the golden wings, to summon

Demeter with the splendid hair, with a beauty that is much loved.

That is what he told her to do. And she obeyed Zeus, the one with the dark clouds, the son of Kronos,

and she ran the space between sky and earth quickly with her feet.

She arrived at the city of Eleusis, fragrant with incense,

and she found in the temple Demeter, the one with the dark robe.

Addressing her, she spoke winged words:

“Demeter! Zeus, the one who has unwilting knowledge, summons you

to come to that special group, the company of the immortal gods.

So then, come! May what my words say, which come from Zeus, not fail to be turned into action that is completed.”

So she spoke, making an entreaty. But Demeter’s mind was not persuaded.

After that, the Father sent out all the other blessed and immortal gods.

They came one by one,

they kept calling out to her, offering many beautiful gifts,

all sorts of honors that she could choose for herself if she joined the company of the immortal gods.

But no one could persuade her in her thinking or in her intention,

angry as she was in her spirit, and she harshly said no to their words.

She said that she would never go to fragrant Olympus,

that she would never send up the harvest of the earth,

until she saw with her own eyes her daughter, the one with the beautiful looks.

But when the loud-thunderer, the one who sees far and wide, heard this,

he sent to Erebos the one with the golden wand, the Argos-killer 

so that he may persuade Hadês, with gentle words,

that he allow holy Persephone to leave the misty realms of darkness

and be brought up to the light in order to join the the gods in Olympus, so that her mother may

see her with her own eyes and then let go of her anger.

Hermes did not disobey, but straightaway he headed down beneath the depths of the earth,

rushing full speed, leaving behind the abode of Olympus.


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