Demeter 13

And he found the Lord inside his palace,

seated on a funeral couch, along with his duly acquired bedmate,

the one who was much under duress, yearning for her mother, and suffering from the unbearable things

inflicted on her by the will of the blessed ones.

Going near Hadês and stopping, the powerful Argos-killer said to him:

“Hadês! Dark-haired one! King of the dead!

Zeus the Father orders that I have splendid Persephone

brought back up to light from Erebos back to him and his company, so that her mother

may see her with her own eyes and let go of her wrath and terrible anger

against the immortals. For Demeter is performing a mighty deed,

to destroy the tribes of earth-born humans, causing them to be without honor,

by hiding the Seed underground—and she is destroying the honor

of the immortal gods. She has a terrible anger, and she refuses

to keep company with the gods. Instead, far removed, she is seated inside

a temple fragrant with incense. She has taken charge of the rocky citadel of Eleusis.”

So he spoke. Hadês, King of the Dead, smiled

with his brows, and he did not disobey the order of Zeus the King.

Swiftly he gave an order to bright-minded Persephone.

“Go, Persephone, to your mother, the one with the dark robe.

Have a kindly disposition and spirit in your breast.

Do not be too upset, excessively so.

I will not be an unseemly husband to you, in the company of the immortals.

I am the brother of Zeus the Father. If you are here,

you will be queen of everything that lives and moves about,

and you will have the greatest honor in the company of the immortals.

Those who violate justice– will get punishment for all days to come

—those who do not supplicate you with sacrifice,

performing the rituals in a reverent way, executing perfectly the offerings that are due.”

So he spoke. And high-minded Persephone rejoiced.

Swiftly she set out, with joy. But Hadês

gave her, stealthily, the honey-sweet berry of the pomegranate to eat,

peering around him. He did not want her to stay for all time

over there, at the side of her honorable mother, the one with the dark robe.

The immortal horses were harnessed to the golden chariot

by Hadês, the one who makes many monuments.

She got up on the chariot, and next to her was the powerful Argos-killer,

who took reins and whip into his hands

and shot out of the palace of Hadês. And the horses sped away eagerly.

380       Swiftly they made their way along the long journey. Neither the sea

nor the water of the rivers nor the grassy valleys

nor the mountain peaks could hold up the onrush of the immortal horses.

High over the peaks they went, slicing through the vast air.


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