Demeter 15

As for how it was that he Hadês snatched me away, through the scheming of the son of Kronos,

my father, and how he took me down beneath the depths of the earth,

I will tell you and relate in order, as you ask.

We were, all of us, going along the lovely meadow, I and

Leukippê, Phainô, Elektra, Ianthê,

Melitê, Iakhê, Rhodeia, Kallirrhoê,

Mêlobosis, Tychê, and flower-faced Okyrrhoê,

Chryseis, Ianeira, Akastê, Admêtê,

Rhodopê, Ploutô, and lovely Kalypsô,

Styx, Ourania, and lovely Galaxaura.

Also Pallas Athena, the one who rouses to battle, and Artemis, who delights in arrows.

We were playing and gathering lovely flowers in our hands,

an assortment of delicate crocus, iris, and hyacinth,

rosebuds and lilies, a wonder to behold,

and the narcissus, which is grown, like the crocus, by the wide earth.

I was joyfully gathering the flowers, and then the earth beneath me

gave way, and there it was that he sprang out, the powerful lord who receives many guests.

He took me away under the earth in his golden chariot.

It was very much against my will. I cried with a piercing voice.

These things, grieving, I tell you, and they are all truth.”

In this way did the two of them spend the whole day, having a like-minded spirit,

and they gladdened greatly each other’s heart and spirit,

hugging each other, and their spirits ceased having pain.

They received joy from each other, and gave it.

Then Hekatê approached them, the one with the splendid headband.

And she welcomed back the daughter of holy Demeter with many embraces.

And from that day forward, the Lady Hekatê became Persephone’s attendant and substitute queen.

Then the loud-thundering Zeus, who sees far and wide, sent to them a messenger,

Rhea with the beautiful hair, to bring Demeter, the one with the dark robe,

to join the company of the special group of gods. And he promised honor

to her, which she could receive in the company of the immortal gods.


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